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In this course we accompany you with help of videos through the basics of solar cooling. Thanks to the SelfChill approach, several example systems can be designed and adapted for different value chains and sizes. Battery-Free refrigerators, ice-makers, cold rooms or milk tanks are described considering design aspects and needed components.



Course prerequisites: Basic knowledge on PV Solar Home Systems, wich is not provided in this online course 

Important note: By booking this course, you have access to the content for an unlimited time for selfstudy. Kindly book one of our mounthly Engineering Support Plans to get access to a personalised assistance.


Lessons included in the online course:

Basics: Solar Cooling Technologies

Length: 75 minutes

Basics: Solar Refrigerators and Ice-Makers

Length: 70 minutes

Basics: Storage Rooms

Length: 60 minutes

Basics: Milk Cooling and Processing

Length: 50 minutes

Research & Field Experience: Small-Scale Milk Cooling System

Length: 35 minutes

Research & Field Experience: Lessons Learned – Promotion of local production

Length: 16 minutes

Short overview of example systems

Length: 10 minutes

Example System: Battery Free Refrigerator

Length: 30 minutes

Example System: Ice-Maker

Length: 30 minutes

Example System: Advanced Ice-Maker

Length: 26 minutes

Example System: Water Chiller for Milk Cooling

Length: 16 minutes

Example System: Water Chiller for Cold Rooms

Length: 20 minutes


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