Field of Expertise

  • Design of sustainable cooling solutions 
  • Local manufacturing 
  • Train of Trainers for solar energy and refrigeration
  • Technical advice for walk-in storage rooms, milk tanks, ice-makers, freezing rooms, air conditioners and industrial cooling for batteries or electrical devices.
  • Evaluation of business models around access to refrigeration in agri-food value chains.
  • Pilot testing of technology and financial models such as Cooling-As-A-Service or lease-to-own.



■ 2019 GIZ Powering Agriculture. Deployment of solar cooling systems in Kenya and Mali through capacity building

■ 2020 GIZ Green´s People Energy. Implementation of a refrigeration training curriculum for Strathmore Energy Research Center in Kenya

■ 2020 Antenna Foundation – Support of the construction and installation of 24 battery free refrigerators in Burkina Faso

■ 2020 GFA – Promotion of locally manufactured milk cooling in Afghanistan

■ 2021 GIZ Green´s people energy – Consultancy for promotion of milk cooling systems in Zambia

■ 2021 GIZ – Consultancy for the promotion of renewable energy in agri-food value chains in Ecuador

■ 2022 GIZ Endev – Technical Training for local experts in Rwanda

■ 2022 University of Hohenheim – Research on humidity control systems for storage rooms

■ 2023 GIZ – Provision of demonstration milk cooling system for Ethiopia

■ 2023 WeTu Hub Kenya: Implementation of a cold room made of biogenic materials (Carbon Net-Zero Approach)

■ 2023 SuisseDev: Support of local manufacturing of 5 cold rooms with local companies in Mali

■ 2024 EnDev – GEAPP Malawi: Detail engineering of solar powered milk cooling systems