Solar Cooling Engineering(SCE) is a spinoff company of the Tropics/Subtropics group of the Institute of Agricultural Engineering of the University of Hohenheim in Germany. Its mission is to raise awareness on the use of solar energy for refrigeration with focus on the agricultural sector of non-industrialized rural areas. SCE provides technical support to local companies and entrepreneurs willing to commercialize  small and medium solar cooling systems. Its strategy is the promotion of modular and scalable “cooling units” instead of “cooling systems” as pathway to reduce final system cost while creating specialized jobs locally.

SCE is currently mainly focused in the provision of example systems for field trials and trainings.

Solar Cooling Engineering Team

Research and Field Trials 

Expert on agricultural Value Chains

Research & Development Ice-Makers


Manuel Willhaus

Research & Development Cold Rooms


Former members of the Solar Cooling Team


Doctoral Student (University of Hohenheim and University Rovira i Virgilli, Spain)

Development and testing of solar milk cooling systems

Florian Männer

Research assistant from June 2017 until September 2019 

Experimental performance testing, field assessments and trainings

Kilian Blumenthal

MSc. Student from June 2018 until December 2019
Knowledge management, field assessments and trainings