Our Services: Components, Engineering and Trainings

Provision of Key Components

We support the use of “cooling units” instead of “cooling systems” as strategy to reduce the final price of the technology while creating specialized jobs locally. This way, only key components such as the cooling units, electronics and sensors are imported while local available components are used to design, produce and assemble final systems. Our customers have the possibility to adapt those final solutions to the local market and distribute it under their own product brand. Main competitive advantages of local companies and entrepreneurs operating in rural areas are:

  • Low transport cost of imported materials
  • High customization for different agricultural value chains
  • Maintenance and after sales services near final customers

Engineering Support

We offer individual professional trainings (on-line or in Stuttgart, Germany) to design, build and customize small- and medium-scale solar cooling systems. Our courses and on-line support covers a wide range of topics:

  • Solar radiation and photovoltaics
  • Electrical batteries and vapor compression refrigeration cycles
  • Calculation of cooling demand depending on system configuration
  • Simulation of solar systems
  • Economical optimization of usage of ice-storage vs. batteries
  • Programing and adaptation of control units
  • Production and piloting of prototypes
  • Operation with Pay-As-You-Go (Own method or well stablished systems)
  • Business models for agricultural value chains

Training Courses in Target Countries

The capacity building interventions offered by SCE UG aim to train local skilled staff based on hands-on example systems. Those systems are built and sent to the target countries together with cooling units. After a technical training, most promising participants (selected through an award) get access to cooling units in order to produce their own prototypes. Furthermore, SCE UG offers key components and engineering services from/in Germany to support entrepreneurs and local companies in the development of their final solar cooling systems.