Plug & Play for direct drive or battery connection

Our Solar Cooling Unit SelfChill® is suitable for direct connection to a 12V PV Panel or to a charge controller (12/24V) if batteries are used. The cooling unit is already filled with refrigerant(R600a) and ready to use. The copper tube between the evaporator plate and compressor is flexible to adapt to the geometry of your insulation box.

Integrates 3 temperature sensors and digital thermostat

The integrated temperature sensors are used to control the temperature of the evaporator plate, inner chamber (Water or Air) and to log the ambient temperature. Through the calibration of parameters (via SD-Card) you can modify the set points and compressor speed for different voltage ranges. Therefore, having 100% control of your final solar cooling system.

Integrated control unit with data logging and visualitation

The integrated adaptive control unit allows a connection to your smart phone via Bluetooth in order to visualize and log all temperatures, battery voltage and compressor speed. In addition, all values are continuously saved into an SD card for further analysis.

One cooling unit model for several systems of different sizes

Up to 12 Cooling units can be connected in parallel to adapt the final system to the user requirements. The same cooling unit can be used for frefrigerators, freezers, ice-makers, ice-storage systems, water chillers, cold rooms, milk cooling or water-based cooling of meat.