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  • Battery-free refrigerators for food and beverages?
  • Ice-makers for fish or milk cooling?
  • Small ice-storage systems for cooling rooms?

Just do it yourself with our SelfChill solar cooling units and components!

Thanks to the use of solar cooling units, you can customize your own systems to meet the requirements of final users. In our regular trainings, we kindly provide you with value knowledge on how to design, produce and assemble your products based on hands-on example systems.


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Block Topics 1 Day 3 Days 5 Days
On-field experience ·        Introduction and promotion of solar cooling

·        Basis on value chain assessments

·        Research experience on solar cooling

Included Included Included
Testing facilities ·        Climate Chamber

·        PV Simulator

Included Extended
Solar Enegy ·        Solar Radiation

·        Photovoltaics

·        Batteries

·        Overview of Solar Components

Included Included Extended
Practical 1 ·        Experiment on cooling behavior & Heat transfer (Air cooling, water bath, ice cooling)

·        Experiment on thermal losses

·        Experiment on calculation of coefficient of performance (COP)

Included Included
Practical 2 ·        Build your own refrigeration system

·        Test your own refrigeration system

·        Assessment of measurements

Refrigeration 1 ·        Options for solar cooling

·        Calculation of cooling demand

·        Basis on vapor compression refrigeration systems

Included Included Extended
Refrigeration 2 ·        Design and optimization of vapor compression refrigeration systems

·        Thermal electric cooling

·        Evaporative cooling

·        Basis on Psychometrics

·        Cooling Requirements of food

·        Assessment of food quality

Included Extended
Example systems ·        Solar battery free refrigerator

·        Smart solar Ice-Maker

·        Water chiller for milk cooling

·        Water chiller for cold rooms

Included Included Included
Design ·        Calculation of cooling curves and demand

·        Design of solar cooling systems based on weather data and cooling demand

·        Design of ice-storage

·        Design of auxiliary components

Included Extended
PC-Practical ·        Use of Excel design tool box for refrigerators, ice-makers, milk cooling systems and cold rooms

·        Design your own solar cooling system

Included Extended
Operation strategy ·        Adaptive control units

·        Batteries vs. Ice-storage

·        Year simulations and estimation of best and worst case scenarios based on weather data and user profiles

Included Extended
Economical assessment ·        Feasibility analysis

·        Economic indicators

·        Pay as you go and other promotion strategies

Included Extended
Local production ·        Assessment of materials

·        Calculation of total cost

·        Import of key components (considerations)

·        Maintenance aspects

·        Remote monitoring

·        Calibration and testing of local produced prototypes

Included Extended
Group work ·        Case study for local contexts

·        Social impact

·        SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis

·        Business opportunities

·        Promotion strategies


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