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This technology is suitable for the application in Zambia’s growing dairy industry

  • Off-grid milk chilling for cooperative-run milk collection centres
  • On-farm off grid milk chilling solutions for dairy farmers
  • Cooling solutions for the transport of milk (learn more here!)
  • Cooling systems for dairy products such as yogurt or ice cream
  • And many more…

Thanks to the use of solar cooling units, you can customize your own systems to meet the requirements of final users.

Watch this video for an introduction to the endless opportunities of off-grid DIY solar cooling solutions based on 3 hands-on example systems.

Learn how to produce your own prototypes for e.g. ice-based solar milk cooling!

You are only eligible if you fulfil the following criteria:

For established enterprises:

  • you represent an established enterprise in the solar or cooling systems industry
  • you have a strong interest in doing business with and in rural areas, in particular in the dairy sector in the Southern Province
  • you are interested in being a service or product provider in the dairy value chain
  • you are able and willing to assume up to USD 600 for travel expenses (i.e. flight ticket and/or accommodation in Nairobi). The exact amount will be subject to an individual assessment. The costs of the training course and the conference will be taken over.

For individuals or start-ups:

  • you are a young, technically skilled individual


  • you run a start-up in the solar or cooling industry


  • you have a strong entrepreneurial mind-set, proactive and highly motivated
  • you are below the age of 35
  • you are (or will be) based in the Southern Province
  • you have a technical/engineering academic background or you work as a technician/electrician
  • you are willing to and capable of running a small business around the construction and distribution of solar cooling systems for dairy applications in the Southern Province
  • you want to be part of the change process that drives the sift to more sustainable energy solutions in the dairy sector

If you fulfil the above state requirements, please go ahead and fill in the below application form

Interested to participate in the Training or Conference? Kindly apply below!

Note: The training and conference in Nairobi will be offered at no cost for the selected participants. For established enterprises a contribution for travel expenses up to USD 600 is expected (subject to an individual assessment). For individuals or start-ups the flight ticket (Lusaka – Nairobi – Lusaka) and accommodation expenses in Nairobi as well as per Diem will be covered (exceptions may apply and are subject to an individual assessment)

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