The SelfChill Team

We are a cooperation of different institutions with the same goal: Promote the use of solar energy for refrigeration. Our focus are agricultural value chains in rural areas of the tropics and subtropics. Our strategy, the distribution of key components to facilitate the local production of solar cooling systems with a modular design. The SelfChill aproach!

Tropics/Subtropics group of the Institute of Agricultural Engineering of the University of Hohenheim leaded by Prof. Dr. Joachim Müller

Farah mrabet

Doctoral Student

Dairy value chain expert, socio-economic assesments and field trials

Ana Salvatierra-Rojas

Doctoral Student

Field testing – Solar Milk Cooling Kenya

Developer of SelfChill Components and Trainings

Dr. Victor Torres-Toledo

Founder & CEO

Julian krüger

Research & Development



Development and testing of solar milk cooling systems


Development & Testing of solar milk cooling systems. Dairy value chain assesments.

Manuel Willhaus

Development & Testing of semi-industrial ice-makers. Field trials.

SelfChill Components distributor and integrator

Géraldine Quelle

Project Manager

BOSS Expert (Business Opportunities with Solar Energy Systems)

Florian Martini

Project Engineer 

R&D and Field trials expert