Solar Cooling Online Course

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In this course you have accesss to videos and calculation tools to adquire basic knowledge on solar cooling. In adition to the theory part, the SelfChill approach is introduced within several example systems can be designed and adapted for different value chains and sizes. Battery-Free refrigerators, ice-makers, cold rooms or milk tanks are described considering design aspects and needed components.

Course prerequisites: Basic knowledge on PV Solar Home Systems, wich is not provided in this course

Important note:  The online course includes private lessons of 45 minutes each for a personalised assistance. Furthermore, you have access to the content for an unlimited time for selfstudy.  After purchase, please log in and click on “enroll” to have access to the content. Wihtin 48h you will get a code to book the appoinments for your 2 private lessons schedule at your convinance.


Basics: Solar Cooling Technologies

Length: 75 minutes

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